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MS Word Extract Data and Text from Multiple Word Documents Software  v.9.0

MS Word Extract Data and Text from Multiple Word Documents Software

BMC MainView Data Server  v.2.0.73

This project is a tool to extract data from the BMC Software MainView monitoring products and store it in a file or database off of the mainframe. To get started using the data server, click on Summary -> Web

PAD Extractor Application  v.

PAD XML extractor utility helps webmaster in extracting data from PAD enabled websites. All extracted information from online pad can be stored in .CSV file format. Software requires less space of hard disk and time to perform PAD extraction process.

InboxRules RW Free Edition  v.2.10

InboxRules RW Free Edition 2.10 is a versatile and professional tool which can help you save and print messages, extract data from messages immediately when message arrives to MS Exchange Server mailbox or MS Outlook account. Modular system consists

Screen-scraper  v.4.0

screen-scraper is a tool used to extract data from web sites, and consists of two main parts. The first is a proxy server that can be run locally in order to view in plain text the contents of both HTTP and HTTPS requests and responses as they pass

PieceCopy  v.1.1

PieceCopy is a tiny tool which will extract a portion of a specific file. You can use it to extract data of files, to cut file headers, to retrieve binary data of a specific position, to rescue all possible parts of damaged files/disks or whatever.

PadExtractor Software  v.3.0.6

Pad XML extractor software extract data from Pad XML websites and store information in .CSV (Comma Separated Values) file format. Pad XML extractor is a program to extract useful information from Pad enabled XML websites and directly saves data to

RegFileExport  v.1.6

RegFileExport is a small console application that allows you to easily extract data from offline Registry file located on another disk drive. RegFileExport read the Registry file, ananlyze it, and then export the Registry data into a standard .reg

Counter-strike Linux real time parser  v.0.0.4

This is a counter-strike log analyser. It is composed of a ANSI C daemon, and a set of php scripts to display. The daemon parses half-life server log files or in real time to extract data to a mysql database. Then, php client

DataExtractor - HTMLtoXML  v.1.2

The DataExtractor (HTMLtoXML) extracts data from a HTML page according to a configuration file and puts the data into an XML file according to a specified structure. It is a tool to extract data from HTML pages and to store the data in XML

DG-100 Toolbox  v.010204

After the release of DGManager, I needed a lighter, more straightforward tool to configure and extract Data from my GlobalSat DG-100. Here it

DG100 Util  v.1.0

Tool to extract data from a GlobalSat DG-100 GPS data logger and store the data in GPX format. It also can send configuration data to the device, delete stored data and switch the device to GPS-mouse

ENES : Emu Nova Entertainment System  v.2005.10.17

ENES is a video game preservation initiative : we develop both hardware & software to extract data from video game cartridges such as NES. We do not provide roms through our website because of

Frood LDAP Browser  v.1.5.1

Frood is a Gtk/Perl LDAP client designed to work on LDAPv2 and LDAPv3 servers. You can extract data from a server by either searching or by browsing a hierarchial tree structure. Entries can be added, deleted or

Gaussian Output Tools  v.0.03

Gaussian Output Tools is a package of simple scripts to extract data from Gaussian output

HXPath  v.0.2

HXPath is a command line tool useful to extract data from HTML documents. HXPath can select sub trees, like the standard xpath tool, but is also able to read contents and attributes and output them in a bash friendly format. HTML Tidy and HTTP/HTTPS

Iso9660 filesystem and steganography  v.1.1.0

isosteg use the steganography to insert or extract data into any iso9660 filesystem image without damage the legacy data. Is usefull to test if a burned iso9660 cd-rom contain steganographied

Jxtray - Java Database Explorer  v.1.0

Jxtray is a database explorer written in Java. Jxtray can be used to connect to any type of database with suitable JDBC drivers. It can provide you with information regarding your data bases and extract data in the following formats: CSV, SQL, HTML,

MetaProt  v.0.1

metaProt is a python pipeline to analyze and extract data from protein sequences found in metagenomic projects. It integrates several existing tools (HMMer, Pepstats, Blast...) to be used against custom databases. Please, read the README.txt file to

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