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Not Interactive SQL  v.1.1.0

nisql is a tool for use with Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and MSDE, to query SQL Server using Transact-SQL.The main goal is to efficiently extract data for use with gnu tools, provided by Cygwin ( like gawk, bash, cut, sort,

Pathfinder Enterprise Migration Toolkit  v.1.2.1

Pathfinder is an eclipse-based Enterprise Migration Toolkit. It offers intuitive graphical editors to extract data from various data sources and map it to your target data structure + endless transformation capabilities with the integrated JAVA

SQL for dbase  v.1.0

"SQL for dbase" is a SQL parser that allows you to execute SQL commands against a dbase database. It is made to make it easier to extract data from those databases with a common database language. The parser is written in PHP as a PHP function.

Aton  v.1.0

aton is a c++ datalogger file parser that extract data from campbell datalogger files and store it in MySQL database for solar data analysis.

Xidel  v.1.0

Xidel is a command line tool to download web pages and extract data from them. This data can be extracted using XPath 2.0 and XQuery 1.0 expressions, CSS 3 selectors, and custom, pattern-matching templates that are like an annotated version of ...

XWebScraper  v.1.0

This is an advanced web scraper with user friendly GUI which let the user define rules and web addresses to extract data from one time or periodically and a target database filed that the data should be saved in.

DieSeL DoT  v.1.0

A visual Domain-Specific Language for Data Transformations, which generates programs for non-programmer domain-experts. The generated program will extract data from one source and converts it into a meaningful format defined by the user.

Hipparcos Catalogue Search Tools  v.1.0

hsearch is a command-line tool to extract data from the Hipparcos and Tyco astrometry catalogues.

MusicDB  v.1.0

PHP-based multimedia scanning engine for your audio collection. Now you can easily extract data from tags and store it in mySQL DB for further processing. Cover art supported.

Breadboard BI Web Analytics  v.1.0

Use Pentaho open source business intelligence tools and MySQL to collect & distribute web analytics (clickstream) data. Extract data from logs, load database tables, & present the information in dashboards, analysis cubes, and reports for ...

ClearSVN  v.1.0

ClearSVN is a plugin for Jive Software's Clearspace. This plugin will allow you to view your source repository from within Clearspace. Additionally, you can extract data from commit logs and use it to trigger actions within Clearspace.

Xlrd  v.0.7.1

Library for developers to extract data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files

ZZIPlib Library for Linux  v.0.13.59

The zziplib library is intentionally lightweight, it offers the ability to easily extract data from files archived in a single zip file.

Portable MKVCleaver  v.

MKVcleaver is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for mkvtoolnix, designed to extract data from MKV files.

Extract Meta Data and Meta-Information from Multiple Files at Once  v.9.0

If you are looking for an easy way to extract meta information from multiple files at once, then this software is for you! With this software, you can easily: This software is great if you need to quickly figure out what meta information you have,

EMS DB Extract 2011 for PostgreSQL  v.

EMS DB Extract for PostgreSQL is an useful application that was designed to help you create PostgreSQL database backups in a form of SQL scripts. This database script utility allows you to save metadata of all PostgreSQL database objects as well as

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